Great Ideas For Dates

Choosing the right date can make or break a relationship. Think about it. What are you trying to achieve when going on a date? You want to impress the other person and make sure that there's another date after this one.

Don't Blow It By Going On The Wrong Date

So many people choose predictable dates like going to a restaurant but this can be one of the worst things you can do. You're stuck for a couple of hours and the fun and excitement is all up to you. The situation isn't going to help you out if you run out of conversation and the awkward silences set in. There's no help and no escape.

But being a bit more creative with your choice of date can transform the occasion into one of excitement and exhileration. The situation itself does all the hard work and it ends up being a far more shared and bonding experience.

But isn't this gong to be expensive? Not a bit. Relationship expert Michael Webb has put together 300 creative and inexpensive date ideas which will only cost between $5 and $20. This is a goldmine of information, essential if you're dating someone new but equally useful if you want to get the spark back into an established relationship or even to get back an ex partner.

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